TEGRA STATE is operating in the market since 1995 with the headquarters being located in Vilnius (Lithuania) and regional offices in Riga (Latvia) and Moscow (Russia).

The main activities of TEGRA STATE:

- Product development from idea generation, product testing, product design to commercialization and launch into the market.
- Supply chain integration and management both for internal and external (partner) needs
- Building materials and other goods wholesaling and distribution in the European and Asian markets


 Main Tegra State products

All our products are exclusively manufactured in Europe and meet high quality standards. Main product areas:


The following trademarks belong to the company group: FOME FLEX, INRAL, POINT, ZOOM, PPLUS,VERTAS,  which the company group represents, enhances and protects. Our products that meet high quality standards are being made in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Sweden and other EU countries


Geography of activity

During those years the geography of the activity spread throughout Europe and Asia.

Our export markets cover all the Baltic States, Western Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyztan, Mongolia, etc.

With the head office in Lithuania, we also have company representatives in Russia and Latvia. These representatives are fully empowered to build a distribution network in their respective markets. Regarding other markets, we strongly encourage assignment of an exclusive distributor for a particular territory. If a distributor meets certain requirements, the company may represent Tegra State trademarks and products in the market.

Let’s collaborate!

We value our long-standing partnerships with our manufacturers and distributors, but at the same time we are looking for business development opportunities. If your company is:

- a manufacturer of high quality building materials;
- a distributor or a wholesaler of building materials for professional users or DIY market;

Please contact us: connect@tegra.lt ,  +370 65695744