Point Pistol glue foam PENOPLAST

All-season polyurethane foam adhesive used with a foam gun.

KOD: 03-0-0-042
Kolor: Szary
Pojemność: 780 g
  • Tensile strength - 10 kg/ cm2
  • Suitable for all seasons. Working temperature from -10°C to +30°C
  • Cutting time 11 minutes
  • Glues and seals

>All-season polyurethane foam adhesive used with a foam gun. Application temperature from -10°С to +30°С. Suitable for gluing thermal insulation boards, lightweight polystyrene constructions, as well as for sealing joints, water supply insulation, sound insulation of bath and shower enclosure soles, sealing of roofs and attics. Does not deform structures. Glues and seals. Excellent adhesion to polystyrene, concrete, brick, wood, PVC. Up to 8 m2 of thermal insulation boards can be glued with one vial. Insoluble in polystyrene. Hardens quickly. Small secondary expansion. After curing, polystyrene has thermal insulation properties. Tensile strength – 10 kg / cm2. Full hardening time 12 hours.