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Point 430 VINYL FIX vinylester base chemical anchor

A two-component styrene-free vinylester chemical anchor for structural or heavy loads, CE marked and ETA assessed. For use in a variety of materials such as concrete, cracked concrete, reinforced concrete, solid and hollow bricks masonry and wood.

SKU: 03-2-0-430
Colour: Grey
Volume: 300 ml
  • Chemical resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Seismic certification
  • Wet concrete and flooded hole

POINT 430 VINYL FIX is a bi-component vinyl ester styrene free chemical anchor for structural/ high loads, CE marked and ETA assessed for use in concrete.
It is certified for threaded rods to be used in non-cracked concrete from diameters M8 to M30, in cracked concrete from diameters M10 to M20, in solid masonry from diameters M8 to M16, in hollow masonry from diameters M8 to M12 and in timber from diameters M8 to M16.
It is certified for rebars to be used in non cracked concrete from diameters Ø8 mm to Ø32 mm and for post-installed rebar connections in reinforced concrete for diameters from Ø8 mm to Ø32 mm.
This resin has seismic qualification, fire resistance and chemical resistance. It can be used when base material temperature is between -10°C and +40°C. Suitable for use in wet concrete and flooded holes.
Due to its strong adhesion and ease of penetration into holes and hollow materials, the resin allows a secure attachment without expansion and without stresses in the base material, which allows you to make fixings close to the corners and edges of base material.