Product brands

POINT – is adhesives group created by professionals and suitable for all occasions. The brand, widely recognised in the Baltic States, is also a leading brand in the European and Asian regions. It should not be surprising – when the glue bonds strongly here and now, there is no need to look for alternatives.

FOME FLEX – most advanced mounting foams and sealants that go hand in hand with innovations in construction chemistry. These time-tested products are valued not only by professionals, but also by consumers who want to renovate their homes and feel confident about the results.

INRAL is a quality-assured aerosol paint brand, highly regarded by experts and amateurs in its field. Products are developed for those hard-working and creatives who want to renew, restore or decorate old objects, home interiors and outdoor areas. With a wide range of products and a carefully selected colour palette, there is a product to suit everyone. No matter what changes in life, the colours must remain bright.

ZOOM – tapes with exceptional performance for the most demanding applications. We offer a wide range of products for the market: high-quality products for painting and surface protection, sealing, packaging, installation and other repair applications. ZOOM tapes will offer the best solution to professionals or enthusiasts alike.