Inral Stone effect paint GRANITE, cream, matt

Decorative paints create an imitation of real stone. Sprayed on surfaces not normally made of stone: metal, wood, plastic, polystyrene, clay, ceramics, glass, to give an imitation stone surface. Can be used indoors or outdoors (away from moisture)

SKU: 26-8-2-002
Colour: Cream
Volume: 400 ml
  • A granite effect that can make any object look like stone
  • Special rough surface
  • Excellent coverage
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors (away from rain and moisture)

Decorative paint to create solid and real stone imitation. Sprayed on surfaces not normally made of stone, such as metal, wood, plastic, clay, ceramic, glass, etc. to give an imitation of a stone surface. For indoor or outdoor applications (protect from rain and moisture).