POINT ACRYL TACK INTERIOR is the strongest initial tack acrylic adhesive on the market.

Colour: White
Volume: 80 ml
  • The primary adhesion force is 200 kg/m2
  • Adhesion force after hardening 55 kg/cm2
  • Suitable for EPS and XPS
  • Temperature resistance -20 °C ... + 60 °C

POINT 200 Acryl Tack initial adhesion force is 200 kg/m2. The adhesive also has an extremely high adhesion force after curing, 55 kg/cm2. The adhesive joint can be painted. It does not contain solvents, so it’s not aggressive to any surfaces. All these properties allow easy, comfortable and secure gluing of finishing elements and construction elements made of polystyrene, OSB, wood, etc. to most surfaces such as: plaster, masonry, gypsum, metal. Suitable for gluing skirting boards, profiles, various panels, window sills, thresholds, PVC, glass, metal and stone. Can be used for indoor and outdoor work.