FOME FLEX Gun for sealants PROFI 600

Gun for 600 ml sealants packs.

SKU: 01-2-1-007
Colour: Black
  • Aluminum housing and its covers
  • Hardened metal push pad
  • Construction rotates 360 degrees
  • Durable iron trigger

Professional syringe for sealants Fome Flex Profi 600. The body and its caps are made of aluminum. Perfect for sealing with acryl, silicone and polyurethane. Ensures simple and accurate seam application. Designed for sealing and gluing by squeezing material from soft packages up to 600 ml. volume. Extremely strong and lightweight aluminum body and covers. The push cushion is made of nylon, which allows to squeeze the entire volume of the sealant package. Aluminum caps are impact resistant. It does not break when dropped. The structure rotates 360 degrees. Lightweight aluminum handle construction.