FOME FLEX MINI MEGA 42 L mounting foam

This is a professional pistol mounting foam with high-yield and fast curing time.

SKU: 01-3-2-021
  • Yield (free foaming)- 42 liters
  • Cutting time after 16-20 min.
  • Tensile strength- 0,12–0,14 MPa
  • Flammability class- B2/ E

The foam is used for installing and insulation windows and doors frames. Foam can fill various gaps, cracks, insulate the roof or glue lightweight constructions. It is used to insulate plumbing, heating and ventilation equipment. Product has an excellent adhesion to concrete, plaster, masonry, wood and most synthetic materials except polyethylene, Teflon and silicone materials. Best expansion and curing in humid environments. Cured material can be cut, putty and painted.