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Point 204 WOOD FIX adhesive D3

PVA adhesive of class D3 for wood with increased adhesive strength.
Goes in two packages 500 ml or 1000 ml.

SKU: 03-4-0-204, 03-4-0-205
Colour: Transparent
  • Increased moisture resistance, class D3
  • Increased adhesion strength 50 kg/cm²
  • Short pressing time, only 15–20 min.
  • Application temperature from +8 °C

POINT 204 D3 WOOD FIX ADHESIVE is a high quality PVA adhesive of class D3 with increased adhesive strength. Used for bonding all types of wood, including areas where increased moisture resistance is required. Excellent for bonding hardwoods and tropical woods, plywood, OSB and other particleboards. The adhesive is characterized by strong and fast adhesion and excellent moisture resistance.