FOME FLEX Mounting foam gun MEGA EDITION

Mounting foam gun for increased yield mounting foams.

SKU: 01-2-0-202
Colour: Chrome, black
  • Valve with crosses allows to increase the output up to 20%
  • Brass tube nozzle
  • Adapter coated with high quality Teflon
  • Valve ball made of white teflon

Gun for professional mounting foam with increased yield Fome Flex Mega Edition. The special design of the adapter valve allows to achieve up to 20% higher output. Metal body with ergonomic plastic handle. Valve – adapter coated with high quality Teflon. Pipe nozzle from brass. Metal trigger. Adapter ball made of white Teflon. The rod is coated with high quality Teflon. High degree of polishing of the inner part of the pipe. Dismountable.