The next generation solution for innovative sealants: a sealant unlike any other on the market

For those looking for a reliable and high-quality sealing of structural and expansion joints in facades, roofs and floor walkways, we have a unique innovation.

This is the new generation of Fome Flex PU SEAL&FLEX PREMIUM, a professional single component polyurethane sealant and adhesive. This versatile product is perfectly suited for roofing applications and complies with the NFP 85-610 standard, so it can be used for clay tiles, as well as for the bonding of panels, window sills, doorsteps and filters. Fome Flex PU SEAL&FLEX PREMIUM also seals welded joints, glass constructions, lacquered surfaces and dampens noise in wagon formations. It can be used on metal or porcelain joints, steel, stainless steel, plastic, painted wood, concrete and brick.

Here are our experts tp explain more of its features:

Fome Flex PU SEAL&FLEX PREMIUM is a new generation of HM ( high modulus) single component, polyurethane sealant and adhesive. Specifically designed as a multi-purpose sealant, its unique properties are unmatched by other products of its type and purpose on the market.

One of the main advantages is bubble-free curing. The sealant can be applied to wet surfaces and left to dry in the sun. Its innovative GEL technology is also unique, allowing for a convenient, even and easy application of the product.

This new generation sealant has a pleasant almond scent rather than the typical pungent acetone smell. It also contains a reduced content of isocyanates, making it healthy and environmentally  friendly.

This sealant is also suitable for wider joints than conventional similar sealants. While comparable products have a maximum seam width of up to 35 mm, Fome Flex PU SEAL&FLEX PREMIUM allows the product to be used for seams almost twice as long, up to 60 mm. The sealant is also permanently elastic, maintaining 25% seam flexibility and 500% tear strength.

As well as offering a wide range of advantages, the product also really easy to use. Follow our expert recommendations to unlock the full potential of your sealant.

First, clean and degrease the surfaces. Then cut off the tip of the cartridge top and screw on the nozzle included in the kit. Next, insert the cartridge or the 600 ml foil pack into the gun and fill the nozzle with the sealant by squeezing the trigger of the gun several times.

The seam depth/width ratio for seams up to 10 mm is 1:1. Minimum width and depth is 5 mm. For joints wider than 10 mm, the formula is simple: depth is width divided by 3 plus 6 mm.

Deeper joints require the use of a sealing gasket, while wider joints should be coated in triplicate, covering both sides followed by the bottom of the joint. It is also important to note that once the sealant has been applied, you must smooth the surface of the silicone with a rubber scraper and remove any excess.

With these expert recommendations, this premium innovative PU sealant and adhesive can be used safely and reliably for high quality results. We invite you to find out for yourself and make your next construction task hassle-free.